(Hot And Mean / Brazzers) Squirt Her [Candace Von, Serene Siren / 2021-03-02]

Serene Siren is a sweet blonde babe just looking for a little rest and relaxation. Which is why she booked herself an appointment at a spa. Little does she know; this spa specializes in female happy endings exclusively given by orgasm guru and hot as fuck badass Candace Von. Serene thinks she's maybe in the wrong place when she sees the examination table. But once Candace takes out her special wand, it seems Serene has forgotten all her troubles. Within no time she is squirting up a storm. Candance rubs her down with oil and puts a butt plug in her ass, while Serene lets her own fingers work magic, cumming again and again. Candance shows her how good she is with her tongue. Now it’s Candace's turn. Serene fills her pussy with oil and Candace squirts it everywhere. They have a super slippery scissoring session and cum into each other's pussies. Now that's what I call a spa day.
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